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SOLD - Black Green Hand Beaded Fringe

Item ID: OF001

Lovely, one of a kind, this dramatic black and green bra and belt has 2-tone, hand beaded and tied fringe, with unusual teardrop shaped pailettes at the end of each strand. The bra has solid black velvet side straps (no scratching delicate underarms...), and can fit up to a 34 inch ribcage. The full cup can fit B or C cup. The belt has a vee taper to the bottom of the front - makes the torso look longer AND the tummy flatter, and a nicely curved rear panel. Belt can be sized to fit up to 37 inch. Glitter floral pattern is enhanced by green flower accents. Also included, is a repair kit of extra beads, pailettes. Make this one your!

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$150 on sale! (including standard shipping within the continental US).

Tribal Metal-Jewel Medallion Yarn Fringe

Item ID: OF004

Tie on this tribal set - all pieces have cloth straps to tie over your favorite costume items - pants, skirts, body suits..., whatever creative idea you like!

Bra and belt use the same colors AND the same metal medallions. Bra has very short yarn fringe, matching the very long yarn fringe on the belt/skirt. Jewel tone stones decorate the metal findings across the bra and belt. Black fringe tassels complements as dark trim against the cotton fabric. Yarn colors are black, gold, burgundy, purple/blue, and sage green.

The unstructured bra has one wide neck strap, and 2 wide back straps. Belt has an open front with 2 sets of thinner ties across the tummy.

All metal findings are antique gold, as seen on the belt backside.

HINT: This costume looks great over a choli top, and melodia style pants.

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$90 for 2 piece set (standard shipping included, within the continental US).

SOLD - Lovely and sweet! Hand Crafted For A Good Fit

Item ID: OF002

Here is a white eyelet with a bit of sequin on too, encircled with white opalescent flower appliques. Check out this pretty chevron pearl and iridescent glass bead fringe... A great starter costume, this 2 piece bra and belt comes with a pale lavendar 3 panel circle skirt - the skirt picks up shades of lavendar in the fringe reflections.

Size: A - B cup, easily, with about 33 inch ribcage. Belt is currently set for a 33 inch hip, with room to expand. Adjustable neck strap, as well.

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$100 for full set, including skirt. (shipping included, within continental US).

SOLD - Rust Multicolor Fringe 2-Piece

Item ID: OF003

Eyecatching 3 piece combo of colors!! Bra, belt AND multicolor matching 3 panel circle skirt! Rust multicolor fabric sets the tone - and the multicolor fringe looks fabulous on top.... The row of fringe is outlined ontop with a black/iridescent rhinestone trim, just enough to add the right amount of pop.

Belt is 2 separate pieces, to allow you to size it for yourself, and maintain the vee dip symmetry, front AND back.

Bra gives a voluptuous look, and echoes the vees of the belt. Check out the rows of colors: RED, PURPLE, PEACH, BRONZE, all in beautiful compliment.

Bra is a full C cup, room for a 34 inch rib measurement.
Belt sizes up to about 42 inches.
Skirt has rolled hem, but left long enough to be modified for most dancers - you can cut it to fit YOUR own length.
FYI, photo of skirt looks redder than it really is.

Bra/Belt are felt lined for comfort and finish.

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$175 sale price (including standard shipping, within the continental US).

SOLD - More Modest, Just As Sparkly - Have A Look At This Glitterdot Costume Set

Item ID: OF005

Sewn in a nude iridescent, this clever costume is trimmed with silver accents, from the silver appliques to the silver glass beaded fringes.

The choli style top has more torso coverage, extending below the bustline, allowing for dancer to wear her own bra underneath. Short cap sleeves incorporate an underarm gusset - allows for full extension and rotation of the arms, throughout your dance routine. This is one good way to prevent "riding up," and showing more than your dance moves! Back closure is a jacket style zipper, that opens completely.

The beaded belt is adorned with a row of silver appliques, and silver beaded fringe. The front is slightly curved to hug the body, and permit slight adjustments in sizing, without completely refitting the belt.

Finishing the set, we included a matching pair of harem pants, in a standard size that fits most. The complete color match makes are shiny image onstage!

Size: Choli top is a medium, but can be made smaller by sewing stretched elastic into the bottom edge. Belt is set to fit up to a 36 inch hip. Harem pants are standard, wide leg, fit.

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$85 sale price (standard shipping included within the continental US).

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